2. I never thought it would get to the point where it hurts for me to smile.


  4. ignore everything before this post.

    i don’t feel like deleting.


  6. Remember the internet when we were kids?


  7. i just want a cookie is that too much to ask


  8. viria:

    Matchbox Twenty-How Far We’ve Come (click here if the song doens’t play for any reason)

    I did it. big thing.I did it and I am so so so prouudddddd uvu

    guys, there’s a small warning..I think I went a bit masochistic on this one, so don’t blame me for all of my worst possible scenarios ; well one at least.

    hope you’ll like it!:33

    the end.

    *everyone who is not in Percy Jackson fandom and had to scroll down all the way through your dashboard because of this I am sorry*

    This is the second time I’m reblogging this but I just need to say that I was in a restaurant and this song came on and I legit started crying because it reminded me of Viria’s photoset and MoA and feels and whyyyyy…


  9. best-of-funny:


    i hate how people just expect that youre going to finish school and get an office job and meet someone and settle down and have children and a dog and drive a mazda because i dont want any of those things especially a mazda


    (Source: mtvgeneration)


  10. Oh, you ship Prachel?